The July 2nd 2014
Cherry Fest Float Prompts Spur-of-the-
Moment Wedding

The 115th Annual Cherry Festival Parade had
an unusual entry this year: The First
Traveling Church of North San Juan, The
Rev. Yvonne “Pinkie” Varner presiding.

As the chapel on wheels made its way
through North San Juan, inspiration took
hold of two romantics, Charlie Whitlesey
and Sherry Skofield, who jumped aboard and
asked to be married. Varner agreed, and
with ring pops, vows were said, sealed by
a kiss, all while holding on.

The crowd was thrilled to be part of the
impromptu ceremony, which was a first for
any parade in North San Juan and probably
for all of Nevada County. Jeremy and Mary
Mount were witnesses, as were Garecht and
Zephyr Kitchens.

The Cherry Festival is sponsored by the
AIC, and the parade marshall was Jesse
Lollich. The parade had many entries this
year, including children on bicycles, the
North San Juan Fire Department, Cocksure
Enterprises, Mountain Renegades, Sweetland
Nursery, McNeely’s Nursery, Milhous Feed,
The Ridge Kids and a small horse.

Varner can be reached at 530-415-9705 or

Cee Cee James headlined the show with grace
and ease through sickness. Bless her heart!

Cee Cee James (link)

At the end of the day we broke even,
but we raised 12 pony tails! It was a great
show and we need to beef up the
advertising for next year - which will
be our 10th Hair Raising Experience.
Plans are already in the works,
so prepare yourself!
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